Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the New Jersey Belles?

This New Jersey Belles is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to developing players to their full potential. The coaching staff is made up of high-quality coaches that enjoy sharing their love of the game with young players who have a desire to reach their full potential.

What should I expect from the Program?

Only the best competition, exposure, coaching and tradition. The Belles focus on skill development and teamwork with a major emphasis on learning how to play the game and developing player's basketball IQ's. The coaches within the program are dedicated to teaching players life skills through basketball such as taking responsibility, working hard, communicating effectively, and working with a team to achieve common goals.

At the younger level (5th-7th grade), teams play in about 6 tournaments around the NJ/PA area during the spring season. There is an additional opportunity for players to attend additional training sessions and participate in a league during the winter season.

Belles play in events against other elite programs. At the high school level (8th grade and up), the Belles play a national schedule of games against teams from around the East Coast and across the country.   These programs/events are the apex in girls basketball and attract a majority of college recruiters to view players for scholarships. Through high level coaching and additional opportunities for individualized skills trainings at little to no additional cost, the Belles teams give its members a head-start, and premier advantage over other players from other programs. Through our skill development and competitive program, the players advance to the next level of competition and self-confidence.

Who plays for the New Jersey Belles?

Many different types of players are a part of the NJ Belles organization, but the one thing that each and every player has in common is a desire to work hard and be great. Our organization is open to all female athletes. We are always looking to bring athletes into the program who understand the level of commitment and skill work that it takes to be a great player. Some players cannot play for the Belles because this commitment is too much. That is okay. The players and parents who are a part of the Belles support a strong desire to advance and get better, and they find the Belles a rewarding experience.

Many players who have gone through the Belles program have gone on to play in college with Division 1 scholarships. These players continue to maintain a relationship with the other players within the program as well. Players take pride in being a New Jersey Belle at all levels and enjoy being a part of a community that is committed to helping each other progress and achieve their goals.