“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed and happy we are after our first season with the New Jersey Belles, and in particular Coach Jen Greene. Jen has been an incredible coach to our daughter Ava – she has grown in leaps and bounds both as a player – and as a person – by being part of this team. Jen has a true gift, not only in teaching the girls about basketball, but how a team works together to lift each other up. She is a true inspiration not only to the girls, but to the parents as well. She just has a way about her to make you want to be a better person.
We are so fortunate to have had such an amazing first season – and hopefully will have many more as a New Jersey Belle! Thank you for all you do.”

~Stephanie and Scott Frith

The New Jersey Belles is everything a parent could ask for from an AAU organization! The coaches are highly experienced, they care about your child’s basketball skill development as well as personal growth. When it comes to the high school level there is the perfect amount of support in the college recruiting process. NJ Belles has grown every year , it was wonderful to be Part of the entire Belles family! While on the road for tournaments there was always a special bond with the philly Belles Maryland Belles it was fun to meet those other parents and coaches! On to playing in college now but we will always be Belles! Thank you to Cindy and Joe Fagan for their commitment and passion for coaching my daughter and all these young ladies. Your sacrifice and hard work is appreciated beyond measure! Thank you to the NJ Belles Director Ellen Masonius for working tirelessly to shape and grow this wonderful program!
The Mako Family
Annie Mako
2019 Manasquan HS
2023 Montclair State Univ Red Hawks

“I have 3 girls in the New Jersey Belles Program – 4th grade, 6th grade, and 9th grade – and have found the program to be an absolute ideal environment for my daughters to play basketball. All of the players get access to a wide variety of great coaches at practices, clinics, and other activities, and over the course of a season or two, you see dramatic improvement in all of the girls in terms of skills, basketball IQ, and overall confidence. It is a first class organization that also puts an emphasis on how treat their teammates, referees, and opposing players that makes the kids and parents proud to be part of the Belles program. There is no better atmosphere for girls to learn the game and be prepared for playing at the next level in high school or college than the New Jersey Belles.”

~Mark Donnelly

“I am a former D1 Head Coach and presently an NBA Broadcaster. I wanted the best for my daughter who loves basketball. I had watched the Belles program from afar and was so impressed with the coaching, players fundamentals and overall attitude. We live more than an hour away in North Jersey, but have never had problem with the drive because of the quality of the program.”

~Tim Capstraw

“In our busy lives it’s rare that I take the time out to write a sincere thank you to those deserving. My daughter started off as a practice player for the Belles. Ellen Masonius & her staff saw something worth investing in. Although I was apprehensive about being a practice player, (my experience in other sports – typically practice players are merely another way to make money), I saw the club take the time to truly develop my daughter. She trained all year with one goal in mind – becoming a full time player for the team. Not only did she achieve her goal, my experience on the Belles exceeded my expectations! Of course the Belles is a phenomenal basketball program however what no one understands is the character building that the coaches instill in the girls. Thank you for embracing my soccer player & converting her into a tremendous basketball player but more importantly young lady.”

~ Lana Inacio

“Not only did being a part of the New Jersey Belles organization elevate myself, as a player as we played against elite competition, but also myself as a person. Playing under Coach Ellen Masonius was truly the best experience of my life and I will forever be grateful to her for giving me the resources to continue my academic and athletics at one of the best universities in the country.

The New Jersey Belles has prepared me so well to continue my athletics at the collegiate level by focusing on the little things that you can bring to basketball, but also by showing me how to conduct myself to garner trust and respect from the people around me. If I had to do it all over again I would choose the Belles every time!”

~Katie Foos

“Our daughter chose to play for Ellen for her entire high school AAU career. Bottom line, this program and coach teach you things far more important than basketball. Ellen creates a family atmosphere in each and every one of her teams, and deeply cares about the total development of each individual player. We had so many great experiences on our road trips; karaoke in Nashville, pizza in Chicago; watching the marathon in Brooklyn, and so much more.

With that being said, Coach Ellen makes sure her teams are prepared and team play comes first.  Your daughter will make the extra pass. Your daughter will tuck in her jersey. Your daughter will know every play. OR your daughter can go play for a “me” ball AAU team. Ellen also prepares you for the next level. She expects you to follow her rules, arrive to gyms an hour early, and present yourself as a college athlete. As a result, Katie’s AAU teams were highly successful and had great exposure. Katie could not have had a better overall AAU experience!”

~ Kerry and Mike Rice